Supersize Me

m&msBeing back in China for the second time 2 years later, I find this comic might no longer apply in the next few years, but in general smaller towns, this still holds true. Certain sales, particularly on foreign goods seem to read something like this:
1 pack M & Ms: 1 yuan
2 for 2
…..some sale, eh?
There are also completely ridiculous reversals of this. For example, shops trying to get rid of near out of date or sometimes out of date products will simply tape them onto some other item, not always making sense. (eg: I had a chopstick set taped to a carton of milk I once bought) Or maybe you’ll just get 5 of something for the price of one. If you are an emotional shopper, China can be quite the roller-coaster!
Some sale huh? There was also a curious thing where you couldn’t really get a large quantity of anything imported. One size is all you got. Hence anytime you felt a bit of that chocolate monster in you…you had to look like an idio

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