35. Dancing and Clubs


I’m not the biggest participator of nightlife in China, but I will get out once in a while to relax and have fun like the rest of the world! There are a few very standard things in most basic clubs in China. (with exceptions of cool big city multi level mega party rooms) Every club is very overpriced, and you usually have to order at least a couple hundred rmb worth of liquor to even get started. Also, there is a T-shaped stage in most clubs meant for dancing. A DJ will usually be spinning pretty decent music, but sadly the speakers are of such poor quality that your ears are ready to bleed at the slightest drop of bass. And lastly, the clubbing culture of China is very different. People don’t get drunk and dance, that’s only for the silly show offs. Most will casually hover around their booths or drinking tables all night, playing dice. Dancing will almost always start with the loud drunk foreigner doing his white-boy dance moves. And also, grinding….never seen it yet.

What are your experiences going clubbing in China? Can you relate?


2 thoughts on “35. Dancing and Clubs

  1. Dice games. Dice games and hookahs everywhere. Wuhan’s club scene is dreadfully dull. I’m not a big drinker, nor am I a big club-goer; yet, Wuhan’s pitiful excuses for expat hubs are often full of people on phones or screaming over awful speakers. It could be worse, I guess.


    • Same boat here. I don’t live in a very big city, but having visited quite a few mid sized places and seen at least a bit of nightlife in each, the same thing was my experience. Dice games, fruit platters, bored girlfriends on their phones.


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