36. Easy Peasy


One of the things I love and you probably do to is food. I love exploring new ways of making it, and China is a great place to just try something completely different. Playing the russian roulette on a picture-less menu had been a fun hobby prior to learning how to read a menu in Chinese, although often the restaurants like to get….poetic with naming their food. One thing I do often notice is just the differences of how we eat food back home versus China. For example most meat is served bone in, and chopped up..so basically a lot of bones with a bit of meat. To this day, I have a hard time figuring that one out. Other things that impress me are how efficiently Chinese people eat a whole fish. Honestly, chopsticks really are the way to go for that one. But there are also a few things that I think we get brownie points for back home, such as cutting fruit rather than peeling it, in the case of kiwis anyways. But overall, I still think China kind of kicks butt with the McGiver solutions to culinary problems.

What foods do you notice being eaten completely different from how you would go about it?


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