38. Creepy Crawly Friends


Long time no see! Sorry for the absence, I just realized I never mentioned my update situation outside of the facebook followers. I’ve had to cut back on updates (now once a month instead of every two weeks) until late February-mid March, as I am starting to fall behind on my portfolio work for uni, and the deadline is coming up soon, so I need to give it my best shot. If you are curious, you can check out some of my other work (yes I draw in different styles believe it or not! : P ) HERE.

As for this strip, I have fewer horrid things to complain about in China than my unavoidable summer time friends. The older the building you live in, the lower the floor, the more of them you will get and the larger they seem to be. (down South they’re about a thumb long and can fly) I’m thankful that I no longer have to jump on a bed and throw everything I own in frantic attempts at squashing them. (thank you aerosol) But still, it doesn’t seem to matter how clean you keep your place, if there is a way inside, they will find it. My best solutions so far have been that wicked spray foam, endless amounts of sticky paper, drain meshes, plugs and whatnots. And bleach washing my floors. They don’t seem to like that stuff much. But still, I do live in an old building with many neighbours who aren’t as bothered by them ( they are capable of ignoring them as they crawl up a leg), so I definitely seem like a basket case with all my roach warfare. How do you guys deal with this sort of situation? Any tips?


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