40. Packaging and Indulgence


Happy Earth Hour Day! How did you spend it? Not eating overly packaged snacks in China I hope!

I realize I don’t touch much on the subject of the environment in China, though I do have a lot to say about it. The amount of garbage I throw out (and I mostly shop at wet markets, so my waste is plastic bags and organics) seems incredible for one person, and considering how hard it would be to produce the same amount of garbage in Canada, I have given up on many pleasures in lieu of just feeling a little better about my waste. The packaging used in grocery products is quite incredible, and while snacks are the absolute worst (this comic is only a layer or two of exaggeration), often times supermarkets go above and beyond with placing individual vegetables on their own plastic trays and suffocating them with plastic wrap. I still find a huge lack of education to the general public about environmental issues, (my co teacher recently asked me what that “hour with the lights” was about because she had to demonstrate something to the students). I have read a few sources that China is making leaps and bounds in terms of green energy usage and etc, but I am still of the opinion that if the general public gets no education about these issues, why on earth would they care about it in the future if they cannot draw a direct correlation between the quality of their air and water and the garbage that gets thrown or burned into it? While all these things freak me out, the scariest thing is how quickly I myself become desensitized to these issues because I don’t hear about them on a regular basis as I would at home. How do you deal with the China waste situation?


One thought on “40. Packaging and Indulgence

  1. What drives me mad is that extra plastic surrounding each and every toilet roll in the pack, there is absolutely no need for it. Plus when you go to the fruit shop and they give you a bag for each type of fruit you buy. Around my area I haven’t seen any place for recycling… I feel really bad putting everything into the bin.


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