41. Sweaty Selfie



Can’t believe it’s been over 40 posts! Hope you guys enjoy these and learn a bit here and there.

I’ve been meaning to do this strip for a few months now. This was based on a true story (with slightly less steep cliffs!), and at the top of the mountain, when we asked the girls “How?”, all they could do was giggle back. I’ve noticed this quite frequently in daily life, Chinese people (and according to further reading, most asians) just don’t sweat the same way as the rest of the world. I rarely ever smell B.O., and believe me, it gets pungently hot in the South of China.  Apparently this is due to a lack of a certain kind of sweat gland, here is an article about it. In any case, this is incredibly unfair, especially to the gentler of the sexes. No matter how appealing I may start my day, I always end up looking like the bottom panel.

My second note for this comic is the curious choice of attire for outdoor activities. I have noticed this particular trend years ago, and it still seems to stick around. Either you get the super fancy high-tech-gore-tex-windproof-softshell-vibram-sole lovers, or else, the above ladies, who often wear pumps or stilettos to a full fledged hike. I have also witnessed couples going on hikes, him in a full on suit, her in a little cocktail dress with shoes to match. Unfortunately, I have yet to find an explanation for this, as when I ask my Chinese friends, they are confused by my question. Any thoughts?

Happy April Fools Day!


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