Hey guys!

Just realized I hadn’t posted an update in a while as to where the comics have gone. Wanted to share my current work and an explanation with you. I’ve recently been rejected from my dream school, and my hope of being reunited with my husband in his home country. But I’m not one to give up easily, especially if it is something I have been working towards for several years. I got too cocky in my expectations after being accepted into a second year animation program during my interview in France a few years ago (a very respectable school I still adore and would go to in a heartbeat had I not turned my life in a different direction at that time). I browsed confidently through old portfolios and was told I had a good chance during a portfolio review at the school. But alas, my hot air balloon was popped, and I know I have plenty of work to do. Next step is to deconstruct and reconstruct my whole artistic sphere, and take is all the critique and education I can. So if you feel like having a look, and better yet, giving me your honest opinion on my work and what you think my weak points are, I would really appreciate it. My portfolio can be found HERE.

On the bright side, I’ve decided to spend one last year in China, as there are still so many things I wish I had done, and I feel like this is my second chance to do them. My language comprehension is in a weird limbo state, and I think having a fourth year here would really push my fluency as well. Anyhow, don’t worry, there are still plenty of ideas left in me, and I’m always looking for translation help, as I would love to see the Chinese opinion on my work. Also, if you have friends in China who are blog and social media savvy, some recommendations on platforms would be great!


Now as to why I’m not updating at the moment. (besides the moping and self pity) I wanted to do one final big project related to China (besides Septembuary), which I would actually finish, because my last completed long piece of work was a comic short I did in 2013. Also, taking into account that I am mighty slow at drawing and inking in Photoshop, I wanted to take on a project which would force me to speed up my process, and so far it’s working well. (just wish I wasn’t so easily distracted by pinterest recipes : P ) So my current big project is a deck of cards depicting the 56 Chinese Ethnicities (though I’m sticking to 54 of the most prominent ones) The style is a bit cheeky, a bit pinup, and I’ve gotten great feedback from the crowd here. I’m nearing the halfway point in about a week, and I’m proud of the consistency I’ve put into this project so far. I do intend to make this deck available for sale sometime in early-mid June, at the moment I’m still deciding on a printer and a realistic price for them. I will try my best to simultaneously do a comic or two over this next month before my deadline, but they will definitely be shorter strips than normal. For the time being, I hope you can enjoy a sneak peek into this project of mine. If you like it, please do share!




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