The 56 Beauties of China


OMG! I can’t believe I might actually hit my deadline! I am about 15 cards away form being finished the whole deck, and I did a few print runs to compare the quality of different printers. The first one was a bit of a flop with the cards being em…sticky? (and you had to bang the tin box on a table to get them out, not a fantastic selling point) But I finally had luck with a really good printer who followed my instructions clearly, and made them look sooooo good! Even the black ink is a bit raised! Here’s a few pictures of the sample deck. (no photoshop retouching, I promise!)


The back colours were a bit off, hence I’m not posting a photo of that here. In any case, I was a bit unhappy with the design of the back, and having it printed kinda helped me see what was needed. Here’s a before and after picture:

Now the most important question…how much will a pack of these cost? In a lovely tin container, you will get 56 glossy cards (4 jokers because I just couldn’t exclude any of the ethnicities). The price is going to be $9.99 (USD) + shipping, which I will announce in about 3 weeks when the decks are finally printed and available for sale online! (if you live in China, this will be super easy with a lil thing called wechat pay) Stay tuned for a final update in a few weeks, and then I am back to comics! If you like the cards so far, please share my post with your friends and family!


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