42.Back to School


Slapstick humour, did I really sink that low?? I am very happy to be back to working on the comic strips after such a long hiatus! That playing cards took up all my time right until summer vacation and once that started…between crossing rivers on horseback, climbing mountains with a heat stroke, stuffing my face with anything related to cows or dairy or sugar, and being very unproductive at a beach….not much drawing was done. And as much as I was hoping to release this strip on Sept.1, more complications happened, blah blah blah. I’ll get on with it!

So the point of this strip is……take a wild guess. School is China is very difficult, especially up to university, when on top of the mountains of daily homework, each lucky child also faces something like chess club, badminton club, math club, english club, piano and violin club, and the “why-not-throw-french-in-there-just-for-fun-because-my-child-is-better-than-yours” club on a weekly basis. Doesn’t leave much for free time, flourishing romance, or whatever else we silly westerners do with out adolescence. And I noticed the wheelie backpacks soon after I arrived, as my coworkers son, who was nine at the time dragged his around like it weighed a ton. I jokingly picked it up, and yes indeed, it was worthy of being used at a gym as a way to get ripped…here is my photo of it.


Innocent looking isn’t it?

So happy back to school time everyone! Enjoy the fact that most of you reading this will probably never have to use that thing.


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