43. The Hunt for Butter


Hey guys! Sorry for the silence on my end, I started this strip ages ago, and just kept getting hit with waves of this or that. Finally sat down and did all the colouring today!

This idea came to me after one of my weekends away in Hong Kong, where I usually go to soak up some sun and beach, hike some lovely national parks (like Sai Kung, it’s amazing!) and afterwards stock up on some hard to find items in mainland China. As a foreigner living for a few years here, I find I can’t just live off of Chinese food all the time, and I just have to get my hands on little bits of home from time to time. While the all powerful taobao does make it easy to order just about ANYTHING you want, it does take the fun out of finding things that are rarely ever used in China (for example butter). Given that I do not live in a huge mega city like Beijing/Shanghai/Chongqing/Shenzhen..etc., but a “town” of 1.5 million, there is not a lot of demand for foreign products just yet.

So usually when some craving does pop into my head, it’s often an adventurous journey of following rumours from other foreigners who might have seen that product in some tiny little shop in some tiny little alleyway. Having gotten used to this way of shopping, I find it quite fun. So on my weekend trips to Hong Kong, I find it quite overwhelming seeing everything I could possibly want to buy sold just about anywhere I look!


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