Strip 43: The Butter Hunt
Strip 42: Back to School
Strip 41: Sweaty Selfie
Strip40: Packaging and Indulgence
Strip 39: Celebrity
Strip 38: Creepy Crawly Friends
Strip 37: Halloween Special
Strip 36: Easy Peasy
Strip 35: Dancing and Clubs
Strip 34: Subtitles
Strip 33: Swagger
Strip 32: Vampires
Strip 31: Rain Rain, Go Away
Strip 30: How to Find a Restaurant
Strip 29: Height and Movies

Strip 28: Postal Service
Strip 27: Showing Skin
Strip 26: Chinese Pizza
Strip 25: Short Shorts
Strip 24: Personal Space Bubble
Strip 23: Monday Mornings
Strip 22: Backpacks and Stereotypes
Strip 21: Tough Grandmas
Strip 20: My Two Cents on Weather
Strip 19: The Art of Giving
Strip 18: Haircut Logic
Strip 17: Bright Ideas
Strip 16: How to Relax
Strip 15: Road Safety
Strip 14: The Four Corners of Height and Weight
Strip 13: Yellow
Strip 12: Aliens
Strip 11: Tea Time
Strip 10: Alcohol Matters
Strip 09: Valentine’s Day
Strip 08: Seven Dollars
Strip 07: Subtle Differences
Strip 06: Super-size Me
Strip 05: Passport Photos
Strip 04: Laws of Attraction
Strip 03: Exercise
Strip 02: Construction
Strip 01: Squatty Potty


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