56 Beauties of China Playing Cards


56 Beauties of China Playing Cards
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  • 56 unique playing cards (4 jokers)
  • features all 56 ethnic groups in China
  • highly water resistant plastic coating
  • ships worldwide from Denmark

Shipping Information

  • ships worldwide from Denmark ($4.99USD)
  • orders of 5 or more decks receive free shipping!
  • standard international shipping time 7-30 days
  • if you require shipping within a week, please contact me in the comments section, I will get back to you by e-mail and make a separate invoice


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One thought on “56 Beauties of China Playing Cards

  1. Dear Septembuary, just wanted to let you know that I received my 3 sets of playing cards, they are beautifully drawn, well-made and will make a fun gift for my Chinese father-in-law and his card-playing pals. The metal gift box is also a nice extra. It’s uncommon to find original, independently produced arts and crafts here in China, so I think success is in your stars, though please be forewarned that commercial success here often means having your creation copied. So it may just be a matter of time before we start seeing knockoff Septembuary cards being sold in Tianzifang, Wangfujing and all the other souvenir shopping streets. You might want to get there first 😉


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